With a love of Motorsport, I started photography as a budding hobbyist in 1990 while finishing my final year of high school. Since then I have developed into an internationally accredited photojournalist.

'PCP' is based in the Springbank Waters Estate (Burton), a suburb 30 minutes north of Adelaide, South Australia but I travel when required.

Over the years my photojournalism has taken me far and wide both nationally and internationally, including: South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland and New Zealand.

I have worked as a major contributor to Speedway Racing News for more than 15 years and many other magazines, news papers, internet and print media publications on a local, national and international scale.

I also work as the South Australian photojournalist / correspondent to Motorsport News Magazine and The Annual which is produced once a year covering Motorsport.

Aside from the motorsports industry I also work on a freelance basis covering many different types of photography.

 :: Photography includes: Sports (Motor racing, AFL / SANFL Football, Professional Wrestling, etc) Advertising, Promotional, Corporate, News Media, Fashion, Artistic and Glamour, etc.

 :: Journalism includes: In addition to photography I also write for media releases, news stories and feature articles for various magazines, websites, professional race teams and corporate organizations.

 :: Media / PR formats include: Graphic Design, Corporate Hosting, Media and PR management, etc. 

 :: Vocal Media: Sports commentary, interviews, presentations and voice over production (live at venues and TV / Radio production.)

      :: Paris Charles commentating / photographing at Speedway City, SA. 

                                                                          :: Photos by: Christopher Horne